Wpf mvvm listview not updating

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Ideally, the code-behind of a view contains only a constructor that calls the Initialize Component method.

In some cases, the code-behind may contain UI logic code that implements visual behavior that is difficult or inefficient to express in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML), such as complex animations, or when the code needs to directly manipulate visual elements that are part of the view.

The item is deleted from the collection but the List View is not reflecting it.

The app has to be restarted to see that the item is deleted.

In WPF, you can associate a data template with a view model type at the application level.

WPF will then automatically apply the data template to any view model objects of the specified type whenever they are displayed in the UI. The data template can be defined in-line with the control that uses it or in a resource dictionary outside the parent view and declaratively merged into the view's resource dictionary.

So when you restart the app, the last snapshot stored is displayed.Maintaining a clean separation between application logic and UI helps to address numerous development and design issues and can make your application much easier to test, maintain, and evolve.It can also greatly improve code re-use opportunities and allows developers and UI designers to more easily collaborate when developing their respective parts of the application.You will have to actually kill the app by swiping in the suspended app list and restart the app.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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