Who is bianca gascoigne dating

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The feelings take the time to dissolve, and the pain too is a tough pill to swallow.

Just ask that to British glamor model and television personality, Biana Gascoigne, as she too has faced some splits in her life.

I didn’t have the heart to break up with him, I should have been strong, and I am sorry for that, but his behaviour shows me that I made the right decision.” Well now that Bianca is no longer with either of Jamie and CJ, the question to be asked is what is her love life now. The answer to that might be a YES as Bianca is now reported to be dating Rogan O’Connor.

Rogan is a stud who is most known for "Ex On The Beach." The two were famously spotted at the launch of Boardroom To Boudoir in London where Jamie was also present.

Let's take a stroll past her broken love life and relationships in the past and also find out if she is dating anyone at the moment.

Someone who is as beautiful as Bianca is sure to have attracted a lot of men in her life and so she has.

obviously because we’ve both got on really well, we both now have gone to the point where we’ve both shown that we really like each other, and then that happens and you’re like, f***… ” Gascoigne admitted she should have told O’Hara earlier, but said “the situation with me and you was getting better and better”.

Talking about finding romance in the house, O’Hara told his housemates: “At the start [a relationship] was not my intention.

The MMA fighter has been dating Bianca since spring 2016 — news of which caused a bit of turmoil in the house when footballer O’Hara wanted to make serious moves on her.Caption: Rogan and Bianca at the launch of Boardroom To Boudoir in London, 2017.Nice to know that the two are happy with one another.She is a gorgeous model, and she has graced the cover of the Loaded magazine in 2006, Nuts in 2007 and Zoo Weekly in 2008.She also has appeared in the famous magazine Maxim, and that shows that she is a successful model in the industry.

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