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Their daily life pressures inside and outside the house also affected their mental health.

Teachers also discussed their own personal situations of being underpaid and having to work double-shifts, as they come from the same very difficult environments that the children come from.

After observing a high drop-out rate, and high levels of indicators of mental ill-ease among youth, an intervention called “Qaderoon” (Arabic for “We are capable”) was developed, implemented and evaluated in partnership with a community coalition.

The aim of the year-long social skills building intervention was to promote positive mental health of the refugee children and increase attachment to school.

largest of the 12 official campus established after 1948.

According the data collected in 2008-2009, it is home to approximately 14,000-18,000 inhabitants over an area of 1.6 km squared, a number that has continued to increase significantly since then.

Youth ages 13-19 years old who had never been married were interviewed face-to-face after receiving consent from both them and their parent(s)/guardian(s).

The results indicated that the youth surveyed were disadvantaged (see above).

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The master trainer also had the responsibility of implementing the sessions, completing the process evaluation forms and documenting the changes to the sessions and the reason behind the changes.Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have the worst living circumstances of any of the Palestinian refugees in the Arab region (prior to the Syrian crisis that began in 2011), with state-imposed restrictions and very limited human rights.Although education is provided by the United Nations Works Agency, lack of access to work opportunities, as well as crowded classrooms due to underfunding and an expanding population results in many children dropping out of school around 14 years of age.The exploratory phase also included conducting focus groups with mothers and teachers of youth in order to gain their perspective on youth health and social issues.Parents stated that youth have no guarantees due to their difficult socio-economic circumstances, lack of financial opportunities, and disengagement with the school system.

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