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Joseph Spang Jr, who became president of Gillette in 1938, used all-out sports promotion, beginning with the 1939 baseball World Series.From baseball, Gillette quickly moved on to football, and snapped up the Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl, and later the Cotton Bowl, and the biggest collegiate spectacle of all, the Rose Bowl.Three years later in February 2007, Gillette launched the Gillette Champions program that highlighted the athletic and personal accomplishments of three of the world’s greatest athletes – Roger Federer, Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods – as they personified the essence of Gillette’s brand and were known for their top performance, truly representing the best in their respective sports.The Gillette Champions program was the largest sports-marketing initiative for the brand and was rolled out to more than 150 markets through various marking initiatives.Cavalcade of Sports presented nearly all the big national sports events and was America’s premier vehicle for radio and television sports broadcasting for about 25 years.The 1952 World Series would bring another memorable first – the introduction of what was one of the most effective television jingles of all time, “To Look Sharp, ev’ry time you shave/To feel sharp, and be on the ball/To be sharp…” For that same World Series telecast, Gillette introduced another ditty that was in the same league as “Look Sharp” for its longevity and latter-day nostalgic recall.Dating back to the 1800's, the safety razor is the goto shaving implement of the majority of men in the world.

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This was the: “How’re Ya Fixed for Blades” of startled men in their undershirts caught in mid-shave, their faces lathered up and razors poised.

Sharpie the parrot became one of America’s most recognized cartoon characters of the 1950s, and for a while, was almost as well known as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Over the years, Gillette has continued its efforts to increase involvement with top-level sports beyond signature events by partnering with strong properties such as Major League Baseball, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NASCAR, PGA Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA Tour and the National Hockey League.

Beginning in the 1970s, Gillette sponsored international events such as the FIFA World Cup, rugby, the Gillette Cup in Cricket and Formula One racing.

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