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Note: this issue will affect other systems such as Android, Chrome, i OS, Mac OS, so we advise customers to seek out guidance from those vendors.

Microsoft has released several updates to help mitigate these vulnerabilities.

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With a paid subscription, you’ll also receive the twice-weekly Windows Secrets newsletter and be eligible for bonus ebooks and offers. For you Windows Secrets readers who have computers with AMD inside, these Spectre/Meltdown patches are causing more issues than they are preventing.

Microsoft continues working closely with industry partners including chip makers, hardware OEMs and app vendors to protect customers.

To get all available protections, hardware/firmware and software updates are …

Researchers found a way for attackers to possibly steal passwords and other confidential information from our machines.

It won’t be enough to patch for the Windows operating system, you’ll need to patch the firmware on your computer as well.

It’s not a Microsoft bug, but because everything uses CPUs, pretty much everything needs to be patched ranging from phones to firewalls. Read More Hackers know your tricks (or lack of them) when you merely tweak an easily guessable password.

You really don't understand what's going on in the US or in Germany for that matter. He's just playing to the crowd because he understands that people are "mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore" to quote Peter Finch.

No one has a clue what kind of president he would be, but if I had to guess I would say he'll be a lot more liberal that you imagine.

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