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Phone: (07) 3030 3300 Email: [email protected] Website: About: AWL cares for over 10,000 stray and abandoned animals on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas every year.AWL rehomes unwanted companion animals at one of the highest rates in Australia.Phone: (07) 4926 8616 Email: [email protected]: About: 4 Paws Animal Rescue provides refuge for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast.We are a non profit organisation and most of our animals come from council pounds; some are surrendered or abandoned, others are saved from cruel living conditions - often abused and neglected.We rescue and rehabilitate as many greyhounds as possible but the sheer number of unwanted greyhounds is overwhelming and makes it impossible to save them all.

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We also work very hard to re-home these animals into new, suitable forever homes where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives.

Therefore we are committed to educating the community about companion animal welfare in the hope that the huge number of unwanted animals can be reduced through responsible companion animal ownership.

Phone: (08) 8348 1300 Email: [email protected] Website: About: The GREYHOUND ADOPTION PROGRAM is a non profit organization created by greyhound lovers dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds whose racing careers have ended.

Chances are it will get a donation from a greyhound donor who has given to the blood bank.

There are currently about 30 resident retired greyhounds spilling their blood for the cause, here at the Manly Road Veterinary Hospital.

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