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The mutations present in the samples of the Paracas skulls suggest that researchers were dealing with a completely new ‘human-like being,’ very different from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals or Denisovans.

The strange appearance of the skulls coupled with the outlandish claim continues to give the story legs, and it continues to make the rounds as of mid-January 2017: The director of the Paracas Museum of History sent five samples of the Paracas skulls to undergo genetic testing, and the results were mesmerizing.

In Patagonia however, the hunter gatherers with modified skulls lived in more diffuse groups, created by the need to move from place to place in search off food in a resource-scarce region.

Building relationships with individuals to gain access to certain areas would have been valuable.

The practice of purposely elongating skulls is well known to anthropologists, and while academics may debate the motivation certain societies had for doing it, there is no scientific debate over whether those societies were human.

The Socceroos will start their 2018 World Cup campaign against former champions and tournament fancies France, with group matches to follow against Denmark and Peru.

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