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In 1934, the toy factory was named "LEGO." A small town, Billund today is most notable as the home of the LEGO Group, for LEGOLAND, and for Billund Airport, the second largest airport in Denmark.The airport opened in 1964 and was built by the LEGO Group, but is now run independently.Taulov, located halfway between Fredericia and Kolding, is the main village of a parish that historically was home to a local vassal, making it the administrative center of the area known as Elbo Herred.kostenlose datingseiten Mönchengladbach Despite recent finds of significant burial mounds and farm houses dating back to the Danish Iron Age, the village itself has little to no significance and was a small railway town with its own municipality until the 1970s, after which it became part of Fredericia Municipality and the arrival of the motorway gave the village a growth spur.It will either be a brief stop over to a web site removed from home or a properly planned vacation to a selected traveler for ældre Norddjurs Sudden and surprise gifts extended to the one that you love, partner or husband may also count amongst the romance rejuvenating tips.

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