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I know many will miss him not only as a colleague, but as a friend. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to work with him on the JFP and other projects; we had a good partnership.Surely he will be commemorated and celebrated in some way at the FIAF Congress in Bologna. A few random memories: Besides his many archive activities, so dear to his heart, Christian had so many interests, and so much zest for life and the world around him.

If ever a question arose about federation procedure during debates, Christian would offer an immediate response with confidence and a hearty laugh. We offer our condolences to family, friends and FIAF colleagues of Christian Dimitriu. Warm regards, Juan Jose Mugni, Archivo Nacional de la Imagen y la Palabra - SODRE, Uruguay *** *** Para quienes apenas empezamos a asistir a los Congresos de la FIAF, Christian mostraba la extraordinaria calidez humana que estoy segura tuvo durante toda su vida.

A very cultured man, he was also extremely knowledgeable about music, from the tango to piano classics; one Skype call was enlivened by his suddenly playing the piano for me, and in typical Christian style his musicianship was impeccable.

He was especially proud of having helped mastermind a memorable screening of Gance’s in Switzerland, with Carl Davis conducting his epic score.

When dealing with others they are usually warm and generous.

They are contemplative and willing to embark on any adventure. -» These people are sensitive, emotional and intuitive.

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