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He was eighty y as going on ; t the reservoirs in the winter ot 1908-09 and The Mother Church. In the present report, these unlawful ads are designated as "other action" and the petitioners tlid not petition tor them and resent the imputation that they desired . Although any discussion of the re- port of the water board was decided "as " out of order "in the third session of the late town meeting, contrary to all precedent in Winchester town meetings heretofore, the report was not subse- quently brought up for acceptance by the town and the ideas, sentiment, opinions or any action expressed or recommended in the 'report are Jonly the peisoiial ex- pressions of the water board, not the town. For twelve years hshing was enjoyed by Winchester citizens and Winchester's exclusive hshing privileges were guarded bv the Metropolitan Park Police. Brackett declined to take tuither caie ot issuing tisniug permits for the Water Board. It is a misstatement, a per- version of the facts and can lead to no good end for the water board to make no distinction betwee-i gentlemanly Win- chester tishermen who tlesire to lisli only uiuli r healthful restrictions 'and the mob from all the suriounding country the water board allowed to fish and do any- thing else they desiretl to do at the reser- voirs during the winter ol 1908-09. in fact, that the town will not approve of at present or not approved of in the past. Plumbing, Heating and Columbia ( 1 raohopliones, Farrow. "I haveadvei- tiseil special articles and have had a big ran on them. " type 01 The STAR are a blessing to any romimmiity. The following iioiiiinntions have been made tor the elistmijj year : President, Charles A. " The other day a Main street gentleman told within hearmg ol The Spectator .1 child story that i» not fall lo call tin to help you make jrour grounds more .attractive Uii" Spring. For SO cents, if Mircomi anted by remittance of S4. Name Post Offlpc street No State WINCHESTER BOAT CLUB NOMINATIONS. The annual meeting ol the Winchester Boat Club will be held on the evening of Tuesdav. The slips also ' suueested that literature concerning j suffrage for women would be sent to any who felt they would like to know more j about it. The hnal roll-off in the Rogers (Tup contest was bow led on the Calumet alleys ast I n lay night, resulting in the capture ol the prize by Phillips C. The contest started with twenty contestants, the preliminary loll-otf reducing the mini ber to ten, uid the semi-final match to five. it the howlers '« J 594 567 as 5*4 The annual election of otlicers at the Calumet Club Was held last Saturday evening at the club house, resulting 111 the election ot the following : President, (leorge B. The beautiful slow j movement was exceptional 101 Us clean- j in ss and balance oi nine. " , The Spectator i pained to learn that a man shot his neighbor's annoying feline. Shea, died last Friday afternoon at tier home 011 Glenwood avenue. It also owned over two hundred acres sur- rounding the reservuiis, making ovei loin hundred acres in ail. 1 lor purposes, all the wild land Surrounding Ian I ot the town, thus in- suring the water siied troni contamiiia tioii, In their 1S94 report the watei ti.i.,r.l sav : -" The natural relations ot Continued on page 3. JOHN ii, Oil A F FEE Who Bui* Farewell After Four Long Successful Vears. The Methodist Episcopal Church in Winchester tendered a larewcll reception to Iheir retiring pastor, Rev. I think it is only fair to stale also that the Appropriations Committee found that for the most part, while those in chaige ot the various departments are enthusiastic and desire liberal appropria- tions to carry on the work which they believe should be done, they are willing and glad )to co-operate with the Appro- priations Committee as all are working for one common end and that is the Wel- fare of the Town of Winchester. Slips inviting men and wo- : men who believed in suffrage tor women, were distributed thiougfi the audience, asking them to join the Sultrai;e League, which has more than trebled its mem- , hers during the last year. Simoilds Oilpafric Campbell Heggs Richardson The Vup was donated tor the tourna- ment |by Mr. Rogers, vice- president oi the club, being ot silver, highly ornamented, and standing about tlilejtn niches high. In spite ot the fact that this was by tar the most difficult ot Hie six programs which have been played, the orchestra overcame the technical dilh- cutties with surprsing ease and Mr, Little is to be congratulated on Ins handling ol the orchestra and Ins intelligent ami musiciatily reading ot the dilferent nuiil- I). The Symphoiiv which was shortened bv cuts in tin- first and last movtlllelits j was played 111 a manner that was interest- ing ami tuneful. " Between mutlled sobs the youngster managed to say: "You needn't break v out word, mamma; could'nt you just change youi mind ? Farrow A week's trial tree ot an electric toaster -nlh'Kether different.

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It these suggestions are.c.irellllly .followed those pel sons who use oil lamps will have no occasion lor complaint mi the score ot poor light or smell. Cuniings Directors, Vincent Farnswnrih Schuyler Ilerron Preston li.

FUELIC " WINCHESTER t MASS THE WINCHESTER STAR VOL. "Ji in alight I can minister to his peace, be pleased of thy love to let this be; and merdlully keep me Irom every act which may deprive me ol the sight pi him as soon is our trial-time is over, or mat the lulluess ol our joy when the end ol the days hath come. comiii K season will probably be an active one 011 the Mystic Lakes. ( iene i»3B- Let's talk it over -When you buy a car here, we are interested long alter wards to keep down expense- That's economy -Information without piejudice —Call up Win.

ta " I ell him (i gracious Lord, il it may be, how much 1 love him and miss him and long to see him again ; and, il there be ways in winch he may come, Vouchsate him to me as a guide and guaid, and grant me a sense oi his near- ness, in sucll degree as thy laws permit. The i bib w ill open Ihe year in a most prosperous condition, and the .

Sr\u: As it was declared -it the late town meeting, " out Boston Common, the town owning a' thfi land under the water. Chaffee, their president, a beautiful hoqtiet of llowers. I think 1 am sate in staling that it the committee had leconimended and the town voted all that was asked for, the tax rate would have been well over twenty dollars per thousand. achieved their franchise, to judge fairly ot the work of the suffragettes through the girbled reports oi unfriendly American newspapers. Nash Directors, to serve lor three years : Arthur W. 3, A minor Op, '56 I Introducti 111 -Andante con niolo II Vivace 11011 tioppo III Adagio IV Finale Allegro maestoso assai Poucllielli, J" Dance ot the Hours" from 1 (loconda Tscliaikowski, Andante Cantabile, for . Main members have not missed one rehearsal throughout the season and tins enthusiasm and faithful work have told in a correspondingly steady gain in solidity and balance ot tone and ill light and shade. [)otten's Orchestra* Music furnished or all occasions Tel. A stretch ot crushed stone has been laid between the tracks at the centre station t r tin; entire distan -e ft* nitillg the matter. Tins tills up the depression when his mother started to fulfill her duty sobs ol anguish filled the room " But . " 1 told ou I should 1 unish you in tins wav if you disobeyed, and mother must keep her word, you know.

The vestry was decorated lor the occasion and more than too people assembled to sav "Goodbye. Little Miss Powers in behalf ot the Junior League presented to Mrs. Without attempting to i|iiote tin- exact amount ot the reductions made by the committee. and showed plainly how 1111- ' authorized had been the measures used tln m, how terribly they had suffered, but without faltering because o! Listening to her one could not fail t,» be impiessed with the utter inability ot one not con- vetsant with luiglish history— with the methods ot winch alone nun have! The second season ol the Sociity was brought to a triumphant close last Mon- day evening when tiie orchestra played the following program : Mein Mssohn, Symphony No. It would be obviously unfair to corn- pare- this company of amateurs with a Dodv ot players but it is not uoui; too tar to say that tin- orchestra has, in these two seasons, reached a point w here tin y 1 an leel sine ol play illj; tveu as ditlicull a piogram as t his last inn- in a way to give great pleasure.

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