American woman dating an african man

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Love is one of the most beautiful things that can be shared between two people. I didn't mention gender, religion, background, race or skin color.The reasoning behind this is because those things shouldn't matter when you’re in love.Each contributor is speaking from their own person experiences and/or perspective.By: Meisha So against my better judgment I decided to enter (well tiptoe) into the world of dating in South Africa.* I arrived in South Africa with the intention of not dating anyone during my time here and using this as a period to “cleanse.” Repeated conversations with South African women about the infidelity of South African men, coupled with the fact that the average marrying age here is (I am guessing) 25 so there is a lack of eligible bachelors over 30 and the popularity of beer being apparent in the vast array of male protruding bellies, all served as a confirmation for me to stay far away from dating.

They sympathize with us the when our white co-workers ask if we speak “African”, or if we can teach them how to twerk.However, now that I’m back living on the continent as a single girl, many of my interactions with African men have left me wondering if the love is mutual.I’ve come to wonder if African men see us are as their cherished equals, their queens?This is a guest blog by Stephanie Kimou (pictured) who blogs at A Black Girl in the World *** Minna’s article last week on the reasons why she/we love African men, was pretty spot on right?I certainly appreciate African men and if I may be biased, especially West African men – *swoon*.

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